Connecticut craigslist prostitute

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Connecticut craigslist prostitute

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Sluts near Connecticut

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Sluts near Connecticut

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Sluts near Connecticut

In Register Preferences. Tue, May 4th am — Mike Masnick.

horny whore Salem

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Yada yada yadaand ickety ackety oop. No you can cut and paste all future posts!

Sluts near Connecticut

Whoops, forgot it will hide certain characters. Yada yada yada [completely baseless assertion], and ickety ackety oop [severe misunderstanding of economics]. Now you have your template.

Anonymous Coward4 May pm. Remember that one time when TAM actually backed up one of his claims?

Police said the prostitution services were advertised online throughout Fairfield County.

Oh, nevermind, I think that was a hallucination. Terrorism is, in the most general sense, the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion.

Sluts near Connecticut

At present, the International community has been unable to formulate a universally agreed, legally binding, criminal law definition of terrorism. This is the worst attempt at blowing something up. They must not have had Google. The mighty Al-CIA-da, which popped a bomb in the basement of the towers, supposedly with very little training, flew 2 planes into the towers, can now not even set off a simple bomb in a plane, or on a city street?

Doesn't add up.

Sluts near Connecticut

Christopher Weigel profile4 May am. Simply because there's not a stated ideological goal doesn't mean there isn't one. In all probability there is one, we're simply unaware of it for the moment. Further, what would you call a lone attack that fulfills the first and last conditions there? DS4 May pm.

Reader Comments

This guy has been on this Craigslist ram for quite some time. Isn't it about time that one of his rivals points out how ineffective he's been in getting Craigslist shut down?

Connecticut Sluts

I think that since the SCOTUS said it's legal for corporations to give as much money as they want to political candidates Craigslist should put their own candidate up and back him or her with funds from escort advertising. Duh4 May am. Freedom4 May am.

Sluts near Connecticut

She basically said that Craigslist was a evil capitalistic company that was making money off exploitation and if only they'd stop these erotic the birds would chirp again and the sun would shine. Obviously, not those exact words, but that is the feeling you walked away with. The absolute lack of real research is just amazing. Of course no one touches the real issue with all this - If you can just take away your cult-like moral elitism that selling sex is bad, then you can read real research that shows the problem with prostitution is that it is illegal.

If you truly want to protect the workers in this trade, the best way is to legalize it and then the whole CL issue goes away.

It is funny how when you are intellectually dishonest that the real world gives you problems that can't really be solved. Last I checked we've been fighting prostitution since forever and so far no one has solved the problem yet. Maybe someone would say, hey, the problem is trying to fight it in the first place?

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As an aside, it really sucks being a fiscal conservative and social liberal. Where is my party? Frankly both parties are in it for nothing but control and power - just in different ways. Where is the party that believes in just government core services and no entitlements cough welfare? Love him or not, but Glenn Beck got it right in that right now we have no real choices - we got on the wrong tracks and are choices are false.

America was formed on a libertarianism track and someone we forked and ended up in the mess we're in now.

He's fiscally conservative but a social nazi nut job. You have the right wing in the same breath wanting to expand the power of government to challenge any person walking on the street if they belong in this country or not and also say the left wing is just trying to expand the power of government and that is just plain wrong. Both sides are completely wacko and fiscal conservatives that don't want to expand government and want to dial it back have no where to go. Richard profile4 May am. It is no more entrapment than an undercover officer pretending to be a prostitute while standing on a corner which is also entrapment.

Pitabred profile4 May am. No, it's not. Entrapment is when you encourage someone to commit a crime they would otherwise not commit.

Sluts near Connecticut

I can walk past a prostitute whether she's a cop or not. If the cop dressed as a prostitute makes the initial overtures and statements, then that's entrapment. But if they stand there passively in an area known for prostitution and get approached themselves, then it's not. No, it IS still entrapment - what you are saying is that the degree entrapment is not sufficient to negate the prosecution case. If you had read the you quoted thoroughly enough then you would have realised this. DCX24 May am. This was my understanding as well.

If the undercover goes up to you, that's entrapment.

Sluts near Connecticut

If you go up to the undercover, it's not. So, when the police put the up on craigslist, isn't that the equivalent of "initial overtures and statements"? Entrapment really isn't what everyone thinks it is. The prostitute undercover cop CAN approach the john first.

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The easiest way to describe it is this: An undercover cop is selling drugs on the street. If he comes up to you and asks you if you want to buy some weed and you buy some you are busted and it is not entrapment. The reason is that you would have bought the weed even if he wasn't a cop.

Title Checker4 May am.

Sluts near Connecticut

Hulser profile4 May am. Surely, if Craigslist can be blamed for prostitution, now it can also be blamed for terrorism Don't give them any ideas. Remember, "Today's satire is tomorrow's reality. I'm sure it's perfectly clear in your mind what you mean by a "we have already shown that" line, but for the rest of us, would you care to explain? And by "explain", I think you know I don't mean rote regurgitations like "typical masnick overreach", but an actual rational statement backed up by some supporting ideas.

John R4 May am.

It's difficult to see how that latter part of the sting isn't entrapment, but they insist it's not. The men arrested responded to the ad of their own violation.

Sluts near Connecticut

Ryan4 May am. And in classical entrapment, the citizen commits an offense of their own volition - it was just induced by the police first.

Sluts near Connecticut

In this case, the men responded to the ad of their own volition, yes ZIP:

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